Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

"Knights of Properity" - formerly known as "Let's Rob Mick Jagger"

It's a shame, but this one will likely be end up buried.. It stars Donal Logue, probably most famous as the dad in "Grounded for Life". It will be airing on ABC Tuesday nights at 9:00pm (which leaves it opposite: Law and Order:CI on NBC, House on Fox (during the winter...when American Idol is airing), and Veronica Mars on CW. To make matters worse, it is followed by another new sitcom (one about group therapy headed by the always annoying Ted Danson).

Hopefully, middle America will learn how to set their TiVos/VCRs for multiple shows to catch this one (or ABC will have enough faith in it to air it in an alternate time-slot).

This follows the story of a group of guys (and one gal) who want to pull a Robin Hood/Ocean's Eleven style heist to rob Mick Jagger's Central Park West apartment to raise funds for their leader, Eugene, to be able to fund his dream of buying a bar AND to support various charities (giving to the poor).

I'm not sure how long this premise can sustain through an entire season. It might be fine as a two-hour movie premise, but 13-26 episodes?

What happens if it's successful? Do these characters then have to plan more elaborate heists every season? Or will they simply let this show turn into a ripoff of Cheers (when Eugene buys his bar)?

I kind of want this one to's smart enough to keep my interest and dumb enough to keep the interest of most of America. At the very least, it might make a decent DVD set eventually.

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