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Yeah, Whatever...

Okay, so I'm going to be heading into work (at DeMarco Cinemas) soon...I'll be practicing my lines for the Sherlock Holmes thing while I'm there.

My next stop, as soon as I'm done with work is the HCRT where I'm going to be running "On Tidy Endings"...tonight is the first time the actors will be completely off book. On top of that, Brett is coming to watch (and he'll be giving me notes)...oh, there's no pressure there!

Then, I guess I'll start watching the Oscars for a little while when I get home...the good news is that if you start them late enough on the TiVo, you can start at the beginning when they are already in the middle and eventually fast forward and catch up.

I really don't care who wins anything, since I haven't seen ANY of the nominees for Best Picture or ANY of the four acting categories this year. I plan to fast forward through any musical moment 'cause, ugh, that Paul Simon song sucks ass, I'm not subjecting myself to Eminem, I've never even heard the songs from Frida or Gangs of New York, and I've not seen or cared to see Chicago...

I'm actually thinking I'd rather just watch the tape/TiVo presentation of the IFPs in their entirety instead and just check out the dresses at the Oscars tomorrow (the only segments I usually watch of the Oscars would be...the montage of who died this year, the biggees (the four actors, the director, the picture, the two screenplays and this year I'd add the animated really BETTER be Spirited Away...).

I also think I'd rather just curl up with my comics and FUCK the various awards shows...I've got to get up early tomorrow and I'm going to have one of those hellacious days: I'm in at FYE from 9:30am til 5pm then go to DeMarco Cinemas from 6pm til closing time (thank GOD I'm off on Tuesday!)
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