Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Clerks 2 - Non-Spoilery Quick Review

Loved it!

Okay, so the Jay and Silent Bob stuff wasn't as good as past films (though they are far from my favorite characters from these movies), I liked the Dante and Randall stuff a LOT.

If you take these two characters and squish them together...a lot of what you'd get would likely be me. Stuck in Mcjobs, complaining about the fucking customers, etc. I've also worked in fast food in my past (though not a burger joint like Mooby's is).

This one isn't as fast-paced as Mallrats or schtick a minute stuff as Strike Back, but a little more halfway 'tween the original Clerks and Chasing Amy in tone.

It was great to see both Brian O'Halloran and Jeff Anderson still have great chemistry as everyone's favorite annoyed workers. Rosario Dawson was a nice addition to the group and also had great chemistry with Brian O'Halloran (Dante).

If you liked the other movies, you'll probably enjoy this. If you didn't why the fuck are you reading this far?

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