Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Another Pilot Review

"Our Thirties", stars the guy who was the hippy/doofus guy on "Four Kings" and is another "Friends" knockoff (though there are FOUR girls and FOUR guys in this one).

One couple is "not" living together (though they are living together, he still maintains another apartment), one couple is getting divorced (because they've been apparently too happy together and have only been with each other since they were 18 and want to try dating other least the guy is black), the third couple is getting married (The guy is gay and she's planning to be his beard. Gay is the new black. Why would someone in San Francisco need a beard?), and the fourth couple are two singles...a british guy who is basically Patrick from "Coupling" (who discovers that a one night stand in his past led to a child) and a caustic former slut who is now a single mother (of a different child).

It's still pretty cookie-cutter. It will probably someday end up in the equivalent of the 8:30pm Thursday after Friends slot that most of these types of things tend to get. If it ends up actually getting picked up, it likely won't stay on, unless there are too many viewers who are still too lazy to change the channel between "My Name is Earl" and "Scrubs" or whatever.

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