Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

20 centímetros - Movie 8 - Philadelphia Gay and Lesbian Film Festival 2006

I returned to the Prince and saw "20 centímetros", starring Mónica Cervera as Marieta, a narcoleptic pre-op transexual prostitute who dreams of someday losing the 20 centímetros of the title (the eight plus inches between her legs). When Marieta succumbs to her illness throughout the movie and passes out where she stands, her dreams are Busby Berkeley style music videos, commenting on her inner monologues. I do like the one description I read in a user review on IMDB: "Imagine a Bollywood version of Transamerica directed by Pedro Almodovar"

The cast is all wonderful, including hunky little Miguel O'Dogherty who plays her roommate, a dwarf who dreams of learning to play the cello (which is a little too big for him) and the always brilliant whenever I've seen her Rossy de Palma who plays a fellow (though post-op) trannie prostitute who helps Marieta when she passes out on the street.

Many of the songs are in Spanish, though there are some English surprises throughout with fun choreography and great costumes.

I fell in love with Ms. Cervera, who in many shots reminded me of a young Cher (the opening sequence, in which Marieta is stuck walking through the desert reminded me a great deal of Chastity) and hope to see her in many more movies.

TLA is hoping to release it theatrically in major markets around late October, so look for it in theatres!

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