Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Movie 7 - East Side Story - Philadelphia Gay and Lesbian Film Festival 2006

About half-way between the Prince and the Wilma, I decided to call Paul since I was at "Half-time". I reached into my pocket and was horrified to discover that my phone was gone. I ran back to the Prince and begged to get back in (at least whatever the next film there hadn't been seated yet and only the cleaning man was in there). I looked under my seat but didn't see anything, but I knew to shake the seats and open and close them...and my phone fell out and clattered to the floor. What made it worse was that I couldn't even have someone call my phone to make it ring, 'cause I'd had to turn it off to watch the movie! Anyway, crisis averted, I ran to the Wilma and caught my third film of the day...

East Side Story (imdb link) was a fun, frothy comedy reminiscent of telenovelas.

"Young" Diego (I put young in quotes 'cause his character is thirty years old but the actor barely looks twenty one) works at his grandmother's Mexican restaurant in the barrio of East L.A. He dreams of moving out and starting his own restaurant. He's currently having a fling with a closeted real estate agent named Pablo.

Diego's aunt Blanca (who now wants to be called Bianca 'cause it sounds less ethnic) returns from two years in Europe to sponge off her mother. She also sinks her claws into Pablo.

Meanwhile, a gay couple has just moved across the street and Diego has an attraction to one of the guys (the other lover only wants to renovate the house and "flip" it...not wanting to live in the "ghetto" surrounded by "cholos"). The old chef at the restaurant is equally bigoted against the "faggots" that are moving in and ruining his neighborhood by gentrifying it. He's afraid that the more affluent white, gay couples will drive all the Mexicans out of their homes and "we'll be mowing our old lawns working for them".

There are some really great funny lines in this movie and I enjoyed it a lot. It's nice to see another different culture depicted in a gay movie (besides all the white bread movies that are out there) and it's also nice to see a character who is accepted by his family once he is out (especially when said family is an ethnicity that is usually depicted as being homophobic). It's a light, frothy romp...worth a Netflix rental or a Tivo viewing.

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