Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Movie 6 - 3 Needles - Philadelphia Gay and Lesbian Film Festival 2006

Colma ran just a little bit later than I expected and I had to sprint to make it in time to see "3 Needles" at the Prince, since I was at the Wilma...six minutes later, I was breathless, but I'd made it on time...just barely. I was just sitting down in my seat as the lights dimmed.

3 Needles ( or (official link) was very heavy. Three stories tell uf of the lives destroyed by AIDS. While it certainly was an "important"/sobering film, it was also a major buzzkill after the toe-tapping fun of "Colma" (luckily, I had two lighter movies lined up to follow it).

The movie follows three stories on three continents (each story is separate and has its own segment). The first features Lucy Liu as a woman in China smuggling blood from a small village. The second follows Stockard Channing and the kid who played Iceman in the X-Men movies...Stockard plays a mother and wife of two men with AIDS who becomes a "bug chaser". The third features Olympia Dukakis, Sandra Oh and Chloe Sevigny as a trio of nun missionaries in South Africa. The nuns mission is only to "save" the souls of the villagers so they don't end up in hell when they die, Chloe's nun character takes on a more personal mission to save a family of children whose parents have died from AIDS.

There is breathtaking cinematography in the China and South Africa segments with some of the most beautiful landscapes you could imagine, the acting from everyone involved is entirely top notch, the script is engaging. However, it is extremely heavy, with barely any relief throughout...

...a movie everyone should see...ONCE.

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