Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Movie 5 - Colma:The Musical - Philadelphia Gay and Lesbian Film Festival - 2006

My first film on Sunday was Colma:The Musical (imdb link). You could also visit the official site of Colma:The Musical.

I'm excited 'cause after visiting the website, I'm ordering the soundtrack. This is a great, catchy soundtrack with fun songs that I think could, if given a chance, could really catch on with the general public. In fact, go to the myspace site for Colma:The Musical to listen to the medley compilation from the soundtrack...

This film focuses on a group of teenage friends living in a small town outside of San Francisco. This small town has a unique distinction, though: they are where the majority of San Francisco residents are buried. There are over a million graves and only a population of about a thousand living. (Though not touched on in the film, one of the most important people buried there in Colma is Emperor Norton I).

Anyway, it revolves primarily around the lives of Billy (slaving in retail hell), Rodel (gay poet, struggling with coming out to his father) and Maribel (their free spirited gal pal). It's the summer after graduation and their out to seek their fortune before it's time to head to college. Billy is still hurting over his recent (well, three months ago) break up with "Joanne" (who everyone is getting a little weary of hearing of) and he sets his sights on Tara, a fellow actor in his community theatre production of "Friend Joseph" (in which Billy is playing the "wacky Jewish sidekick" or the "gay guy" depending on who you talk to).

The plot is sparce (though that could be said for many musicals, especially "Cats"), but the songs are lush, energetic and extremely catchy. I really do hope this piece finds the audience it deserves.

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