Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Another Gay Movie - Movie 3 - Philadelphia Gay and Lesbian Film Festival - 2006

After exiting "Queer Duck", I quickly ran into the parking garage to my car to retrieve my umbrella. It was POURING down.

I got to the lobby of the Prince and waited shortly for controladdict and lucindalunacy to show. We quickly got in line and chatted about movies until curtain. I've added another film to my Netflix queue 'cause it just sounds so twisted from their description: "Brother's Keeper" (documentary by the same filmmakers that did the "Paradise Lost"/West Memphis Three movies).

Before the film, they presented Darryl Stephens (Noah of TV's Noah's Arc) with a Rising Star award (he had a small part in the movie). They said that they wanted to come up with something that was basically the opposite end of the spectrum from a lifetime achievement award...rewarding people just starting out in the business...encouraging them to continue.

Another Gay Movie (imdb link) (the trailer can be found at and there is also an Official Site) was absolutely hysterical. I actually laughed out loud through the whole movie (something I rarely do no matter how funny I might think something is).

It's basically the movie "American Pie" (with elements from other sex driven teen comedies thrown in)...if the guys trying to lose their virginity were all aiming to have sex with men. There are all types/fetishes skewered here with the same irreverence found for the heteros in those other movies (and yes there is a scene parodying the infamous pie-fucking scene).

There are some great cameos/performances throughout, including Lypsinka as the pie-fucker's shocked mother, Graham Norton as the boys' "foreign exchange teacher", and Richard Hatch (from TV's Survivor) as himself (and guys, there ain't no pixels on his genitals this time, if you are into that sort of thing (which I am)).

Also really funny in this movie is Scott Thompson from TV's Kids in the Hall in a twist on the Eugene Levy character from the Pie movies.

Basically, you'll like it if you enjoy the humour of movies like American Pie or Porky's (and maybe a dash of the Airplane/Naked Gun/Scary Movie type of film too). You also need to go in with a sense of humour about yourself and not let stuff offend you (there's certainly stuff here that could offend gays and straights equally...and isn't that kind of nice?). Just go ready to laugh and giggle.

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