Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Queer Duck - Movie 2 - Philadelphia Gay and Lesbian Film Festival - 2006

Okay...yesterday there was a slight hiccup and switch of my plans.

While I was getting ready to head into Philadelphia for a 2:30 showing of "Amnesia", I grabbed my tickets for the day and discovered that somewhere along the line, I'd typed up a typo and it was actually a 12:30 showing! (I discovered this at 12:25) Argh!

I checked my program guide and discovered that it would be showing again on Monday...however, it was showing opposite "Queer Duck", which I already had a ticket for. Another however...Queer Duck was showing at the Wilma at 2:30. That may be where the mistake/confusion started. Who knows.

Anyway, it was worth a shot and I drove into Philly for the 2:30 showing of Queer Duck and explained what happened to the guys at the box office and they allowed me to come in to see the movie when I gave them my Monday ticket (I should also be able to use my Saturday ticket on Monday for Amnesia since it's doubtful it will be sold out since apparently there was "plenty of room" at the 12:30 showing).

If you are unfamiliar with "Queer Duck", he started out as a series of short cartoons done in Shockwave Flash for a website called They did a few episodes there and then the series was "cancelled". Soon after, however, Queer Duck got revived as the six or seven episodes produced at the time started to be shown on Showtime after episodes of "Queer as Folk".

There are twenty episodes total nowadays (with more later being produced or at least premiering on Showtime's "Queer Duck" website).

Anyway, the series is extremely politically incorrect. The characters are all horrible stereotypes of the "Jack McFarland" type. There's one big difference: Queer Duck is funny and isn't a dimbulb like Jack.

The one thing that really made me wonder was the audience...many of them seemed to be laughing at the opening credits sequence (which is on every episode of the cartoon online) as if they'd NEVER laid eyes on "Queer Duck" before! Where have they all been? What could have pulled them into the theatre to see it without this prior knowledge?

Anyway, there were lots of cute jokes and it was basically the same humor as the online cartoon (watch them from the Showtime link above and decide for yourself if it would be worth your time). Apparently, this comes out on Tuesday on DVD (I hate when they program this way at the festival). Netflix it if you enjoy the shorts.

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