Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Cut Sleeve Boys - Movie 1 - Philadelphia Gay and Lesbian Film Festival - 2006 -

Last night was my first of many trips into Philadelphia to see films in the festival...

...It was a beautiful night, light breeze.

I arrived at the Prince Music Theatre about a half hour early for the film (which was good, 'cause I got there just before the other film let out so I didn't have a wait to use the I was walking out a LONG line formed downstairs).

Last night's movie was Cut Sleeve Boys (Film Festival page). Or if you prefer: Cut Sleeve Boys ( Or even: Cut Sleeve Boy (official page).

I liked this one. The characters all felt real, though there are a few short cartoony moments. It was from Britain, so it has a little QAF vibe to it (though that may have been a detriment, 'cause the one character was the "doesn't want to settle down, likes to do drugs and have one night stands Brian Kinney/Stuart character" and that's how his story played out).

The other character had a much more interesting arc. Ash (played by Chowee Leow) decides to explore transvestitism (and looks quite good in drag actually...though in some shots, I'd swear I was looking at Margaret Cho...not that that's a bad thing). He meets a man who is attracted to him and is afraid to be seen by him out of drag for fear of losing his attentions. Again, it gets a little cartoony, but it was enjoyable.

If you see it come to your town (or local festival) I think you could make worse choices. It certainly was a nice, sweet diversion and a nice way for me to start the festival on a positive note. If it doesn't come near you, it would be a great addition to a Netflix queue or Tivo wishlist.
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