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Philadelphia Gay/Lesbian Film Festival - 2006

Okay. Yesterday, I went to the TLA in Philly (just off South on 4th) and got my tickets for this year's Gay/Lesbian Film Festival (I'm also friends-locking the list for now, 'cause I don't like the idea of strangers knowing when I'm out of the house).

However, if any of you on here would like to join me for a movie or two (I'm looking at you lucindalunacy and controladdict), get your tickets and we'll coordinate.

Friday - July 14 - 9:30 - Prince - Cut Sleeve Boys

Saturday - July 15 - 2:30 - Prince - Amnesia
5:00 - Prince - Another Gay Movie
7:15 - Arts Bank - Love Life (This is likely the only night I'm not really free, to the best of my knowledge. I'd like to be able to chat with Damion Dietz after this screening. Also, I'm going to a friend's party down here in Vineland when I'm done.)

Sunday - July 16 - 2:30 - Wilma - Colma:the Musical
4:30 - Prince - 3 Needles
7:15 - Wilma - East Side Story
9::15 - Prince - 20 Centimeters

Monday - July 17 - 7:15 - Wilma - Shock to the System
9:30 - Wilma - Queer Duck - The Movie

Tuesday - July 18 - 5:15 - Arts Bank - A Love To Hide
9:30 - Arts Bank - Creatures From the Pink Lagoon

Wednesday - July 19 - 7:15 - Prince - Whole New Thing
9:30 - Arts Bank - Dead Serious

Saturday - July 22 - 12:15 - Wilma - Eyes on the Guys (shorts)
2:30 - Wilma - Coffee Date
4:45 - Wilma - Mom
9:30 - Wilma - Fat Girls

Sunday - July 23 - 7:15 - Wilma - Eating Out 2
9:30 - Wilma - What's So Funny? (shorts)

Yeah, I know that's a lot, but this is usually the best part of the summer for me. The Film Festival is MY Gay Pride Parade. I also know that this may be the only time I EVER see some of these movies (many never make to theatres, cable OR DVD).

So, who amongst the locals is going?

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