Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Dinner Out this week - Casona in Collingswood

This Tuesday we went out to Casona in Collingswood, NJ.

After some initial misturns thanks to Mapquest not explaining the directions enough (they just said turn onto this particular street, which took us onto an exit, but didn't tell us which direction to turn at the end of the exit...North or South).

We had probably one of our biggest groups in a while (ten): Dawn, Kim, Shawn, Tracy, Vanessa, Chris, Andi, Jenn, Paul and I.

The cuisine of choice this time was Cuban. They were "Bring your own rum", so I grabbed my big ass bottle of Bacardi and brought it with me. They made us a few pitchers of yummy mojitos.

We started with an appetizer of "Habana Maduro" (served with Picadillo - seasoned ground sirloin). It was basically a tube of fried plaintains, covered in swiss cheese, ground sirloin, black beans and green olives (in other seasonings).

Chris and Andi got the Yucca fries served with guacamole and a "ranch"-like garlic sauce.

Tracy and Paul each got the Caesar salad and it was absolutely beautifully presented: it was a bouquet of plaintains (it looked like a bouquest of flowers), with the romaine lettuce over it, shredded parmesan, a big "crouton" on the side with goat cheese and the whole thing wrapped at the bottom with bacon.


I got the Arroz con Pollo - fabulous. Every taste was a party in my mouth. There was chorizo sausage, olives, peas, chicken breast and wonderful seasoning in the rice.

Pretty much we ordered each of the main courses (there were nine of them and ten of us). They were all good. Not one plate wasn't completely cleaned.

All in all, this place was a "keeper" and we'll be heading back again. We're also talking about going back to try their brunch menu!

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