Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Whole Foods Sodas (365 Brand)

Lately, we've been shopping more often at the Whole Foods (it's a bit of a drive to either Marlton or into Philadelphia but it may be worth it to eat/drink healthier).

One of the things we've tried is the cans of their in-store brand (365) of sodas. So far we've tried the root beer (good, but fairly standard), cherry vanilla cream (awesome stuff...becoming my favorite soda. I drink a lot of water nowadays, but sometimes you've got to have some bubbly goodness), black cherry (at first, a little strong, but it grew on me by the third one (we just got a six pack and split it)) and now today I picked up the raspberry..., no thank you. I'll stick to the other flavors from now on.

It was a little "Tussin"y (as in Robitussin)

...though not as terrible as that L.T.O. (Limited Time Only) ice cream flavor at Cold Stone: Red Licorice. I tried it a couple of years ago right after the Cold Stone opened. I'd liked everything I'd tried so far at the time. I ignored the recommendation from the employee not to try it. Big mistake.

Imagine: it was basically robitussin ice cream. Blech!

Ironically, I have to chew Twizzlers to get the taste out of my mouth when I have to take robitussin.
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