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TV Show DVDs on Demand!

theferrett and pabsungenis have both weighed in on this story of a British TV fan who bought the rights of his favorite show to put it on DVD. They each listed a couple or three shows that they would want to see on DVD.

Well, since today is the day that The Bugaloos comes out on DVD, that's one less show I'd have to list!

But, if given my druthers and allowed to focus on the more obscure favorites rattling around in the dark recesses of my mind:

Let's start with a pair of sit-coms, both produces in the 1980s but with a 1960s sensibility:

The Charmings featured the premise of Snow White, Prince Charming and the Evil Queen (along with her mirror and a single dwarf) appearing in modern suburban America. They had a typical Gladys Kravitz-like next door neighbor and the Evil Queen's magic spells would cause all kinds of chaos and hilarity to ensue.

Jennifer Slept Here starred Ann Jillian (of "It's a Living") in a sort of remake of Topper, with a young boy befriending the ghost of a Hollywood screen legend who once lived in the mansion his parents just bought. The kid and the ghost had great chemistry and the show was very light but charming in it's own way.

For a some oldies, though they may be quite dated nowadays, that may add to their charm:

Room 222 was always a great show. It was a dramedy focusing on the ups and downs at a high school and focused equally on the teachers AND the students. I'm sure it's riddled with all kinds of great "before they were famous" cameos like some of the other shows have yielded (I'm thinking of especially the cameos of Farrah Fawcett AND Jaclyn Smith in the first season of Partridge Family (not to mention Mark Hamill, Richard Pryor and a few more)).

Watching the movie Nanny McPhee the other night made me nostalgic for another, not the Nanny named Fran...and not the one you'd think (Mary Poppins). No, I got nostalgic for Phoebe Figalilly...from Nanny and the Professor. That's one that I'd like to have around preserved for our children in the future...I'm sure I'd enjoy sitting down to watch that with Maia.

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