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Responding to theferrett's response to Dave's Totally Awesome X-Men Team That is Better Than Yours, I'm going to outline my ideas for a perfect line-up of X-men.

First of all, I don't know how I'd write us out of the corner that the X-books are in now (with only supposedly roughly 198 mutants left in the world with their powers), but any characters I mention here who may no longer have powers WOULD AGAIN (the easiest way would be with another battle with Scarlet Witch in which she ends the battle yelling "PSYCHE! JUST KIDDING ON THAT WHOLE NO MORE MUTANTS THING!").

Years ago, too long ago now to even hope that I might still have the files/notes, but back when GEnie was still around, I posted a list of books I wanted to see. They were basically: X-men (the main book would take place at the mansion and feature basically the characters we expect to find), Uncanny X-men (a new "new" team, that would basically be the X-men's answer to the West Coast Avengers (primarily focusing on Storm, Kitty, and most of the New Mutants, with a couple of others thrown in for good measure), X-Factor (a book with an international team of mutants, basically the X version of the JLA, working for the government) and the X-iles (different from the group now called the Exiles, though I really love that book, it would feature a group of heroes led by Professor Xavier, exploring the Universe on one of Lilandra's space ships (the "cosmic" team), and finally X-Caliber (basically the team in England that we knew and loved, but positioned more globally).

I no longer remember those old dated line-ups, but still like the idea of these books. They wouldn't be bogged down by all the death and destruction that the other books tend to be, but would instead have a more healthy outlook towards the world (something in that crossover where Scarlet Witch fixes everything could make the mutants more excepted without going to the extremes of the House of M).

I'm limiting each team to ten members (which makes 50 characters). I'm choosing by surfing through the Micro-Heroes website to find my fifty most favorite characters and will plug them into these five teams as they might work best:

So, following that idea:

(illustrations from the Micro-Heroes website)

X-men - mansion based team (See Fantastic Four)


This team would focus on the NYC based adventures as well as running the school (with students starring in "New Mutants" to be determined, but likely from this crop of characters from Academy X(see Wikipedia entry)

(the links go to Wikipedia entries on each character)

Cyclops. Cyclops, when he's not being a wimp complaining about how much Jean and Logan have an attraction for each other, can be a natural leader. He's also the heart of this team and should be the natural choice to run the school in the Professor's absence.

Jean Grey I know, do we really want to go through that whole soap opera AGAIN? Well, I'd rather see Jean on the team than Emma Frost any day (especially knowing that she's not there for altruistic reasons). Jean belongs by her man (and the tension between her and Wolverine is always interesting).

HavokAlex has had it rough. However, since his adventures in the book "Mutant X", he knows he's capable in his own right and isn't just his brother's shadow. That said, he's happy being field leader, allowing Scott to worry about running the school.

IcemanBobby has been with the team from the beginning and grants them plenty of firepower.

JubileeSpeaking of firepower, our little Jubilation Lee has grown up and can be quite a spitfire. The fact that she's pulled Wolverine's fat out of the fire multiple times earns her a place on this team.

RogueHer various abilities, taken over the years from many of her teammates and rivals, could make her into the ultimate Deus "X" Machina (of course, that's Layla Miller, but who's counting?), but, she's a valuable member of the team, even when she's de-powered (thanks to the residual memories she still has from Carol Danvers training as a SHIELD agent). Because of the various times she's touched Colossus, she functions as this teams "strong guy".

WolverineDo I have to explain? He's "the best there is at what he does". Of course, I'm not putting him in ALL of these line-ups, 'cause I don't understand how the writers expect us to believe that. Rogue can still throw him for a fastball special (using Colossus' strength of course).

X'ian would work the day to day at the school as a teacher and advisor. However, her powers would act as an extra line of defense should anyone attack the school.

ForgeWhen you have technological marvels like the Danger Room and big ticket items like the Blackbird, you're going to need a tech geek around. Forge is the X-Men's equivalent of James Bond's Q.

Cecilia ReyesWith all the injuries they sustain, they are going to need a doctor around, so why not one of their own. Cecilia's powers (a self-generated force field) provide her protection when the Brotherhood decides to attack the school.

Uncanny X-Men - West Coast based team (See West Coast Avengers, DC's Titans)


StormStorm is my all-time favorite comic book character. She's got an interesting history and can hold her own without resorting to using her powers. She's the leader and will have plenty of respect from the rest of the characters.

ArchangelWarren is rich. Of course, he'd build a wonderful headquarters for them somewhere near San Francisco.

Kitty PrydeKitty would probably be attending graduate classes at Berkeley, perhaps law. She'd be ready to assist the team with her ninja skills and her computer hacking skills.

MagikBeing the leader of an alternate dimension doesn't afford Illyana much free time, but when she does get some, she's going to want to spend it alongside friends. The bohemian atmosphere in SF would allow her blend in.

CannonballSam Guthrie is at home here since both Dani and Boom Boom are here. While he's seen much of the world, following in Cable's X-Force team, he's still basically naive when it comes to a lot of things. Expect him to be the "fish out of water" in the big city.

Dani MoonstarDani is always a valuable asset to the team, when you add her ties to SHIELD (which Kitty also has) and to Asgard.

DazzlerWhen they're not fighting menaces, Alison would be able to sing in funky little clubs down on the Castro, considering the fact that she'd probably be considered a gay icon (like Cher or Madonna) in the Marvel Universe.

Meltdown (though I still think of her as "Boom Boom"Tabitha would want a home base when not galivanting around the world with NextWave. She would still probably be harboring feelings for Sam.

Strong GuyEvery team needs a strong guy and this one is no exception. Guido would also be better off staying here near Sam, since they'd both want to be able to see Lila when she comes home to visit (when she's opening for Dazzler at one of those club gigs).

ArtieArtie would be all grown up now and still learning how to use his abilities. He'd be hard pressed to find better instructors than Storm, Kitty, Dani and Sam.

X-Factor - U.S. sanctioned team (see JLA, Avengers)


CableCable is a natural born leader, being the son of Scott (Cyclops) and Madelyne Prior (Jean's clone). He's got psychic powers and access to great tech. Perfect for a government sanctioned team.

BeastOf course, the government would want as many former Avengers as they could get, and he's an original line-up X-Men, too, to boot. He'd give the team some levity while also providing scientific knowledge.

Again, Firestar is a former Avenger and a formidable one at that. She adds much needed "fire" power (excuse the pun).

JusticeWhere ever Firestar goes, you're going to find Vance Astro. Again, another Avenger (and along with Firestar a "New Warrior"), Vance also has psychic abilities and would be the "Captain America" squeaky clean character this team would need.

QuicksilverThe son of Magneto, he's been a LONG-TIME Avenger and would also provide the team with a link to Wundagore Mountain and the Inhumans.

Scarlet WitchThe world at large doesn't know what Wanda did to the mutants so as far as the government is concerned she's still great public relations. Another long-time Avenger, she'd give us links to the mystical worlds.

MadroxWhile I'm enjoying Jamie's appearances in X-Factor (written by Peter David), I think that he'd be great in an espionage role. He could send duplicates off for reconnaissance missions.

MystiqueSpeaking of great for espionage, the best character EVER for that role! She also already has worked for the government in her cover as Raven Darkholme. She was the leader of Freedom Force years ago, so it would be a natural thing for the government to find her for this team.

PolarisPolaris would be suggested for membership to this team by Wanda (wanting to reach out to her adopted sister). She has been in the X-Men since damn near the beginning and has interesting powers (her magnetism would be great as a defense for our country/team when stopping missiles).

SunspotAgain, every team needs a strong guy. Sunspot fits the bill. Speaking of bills, Roberto having deep pockets would also help pay for quinjets and the like.

X-Caliber - U.N. sanctioned team (see Excaliber, Justice League Europe)


NightcrawlerNightcrawler would lead this team. They would be based on either Muir Island or at Braddock Manor. He's a swashbuckler and would bring some pinache to the team.

ColossusAgain, every team needs a strong guy. He's also Russian, so that adds some of the international flavor to this team.

NocturneTalia has an interesting history, considering she comes from an alternate universe. She has Nightcrawler's agility (he's her father), but also ties to the mystic realms from her mother (Scarlet Witch).

Rachel (Summers) GreySpeaking of alternate universes, Rachel is the alternate universe child of Scott and Jean (more properly of the Phoenix Force), she brings cosmic level psionics. She's also been in the UK before so would acclimate well.

NorthstarAgain, bringing some more diversity to the team, both as a French-Canadian AND as a homosexual. If we assume that some energy from that Ultimate X-Men universe might spill over (thanks to Talia's "hex bolts"), it's possible that Jean-Paul might have a new boyfriend in Piotr (Colossus).

PsylockeBetsy also has psionic abilities, but is also a world-class fighter. She'd be able to provide them a home base at Braddock Manor. Of course, the fact that she's now Asian also gives the team more International-cred.

SabraSabra is an Israeli mutant with enhanced physical abilities (including a healing factor!). She also has some nifty weapons.

DustI really liked Sooraya's appearance in the "Academy X"/"New X-men" series of books and it's nice to see a positively portrayed Muslim character these days.

Sunfire/Sunfire II
While I would prefer to use the second Sunfire (the female one), I don't know how we'd manage to get her to our universe (though with the Exiles and BOTH Talia AND Rachel existing on this team, I'd say anything is possible). In the meanwhile, the first Sunfire would work in a pinch. Hey, he was one of the "New" X-Men when Storm/Wolvie/Nightcrawler/Colossus joined the team, so why not?

WolfsbaneAgain, when they are on Muir Island, it would be at Rahne's home (inherited from Moira McTaggert). Rahne has gone through quite a few changes over the years, going from shy to quite brash in her older years. I like the idea, too, of original line-up New Mutants appearing on each of these teams so far. She'd be great friends with Rachel and Talia (and her religious views may be interesting to see when it comes to Jean-Paul).

X-iles - team in space (see Guardians of the Galaxy, Lost in Space, Star Trek)


Professor XavierProfessor Xavier would go anywhere in the Universe when asked by Lilandra.

LilandraLilandra asks Xavier to help save her homeworld when there is a Mutant Shi'ar uprising.

JuggernautCain, now on the side of the angels, proudly joins his brother on his quest. Again, strong guy.

LegionDavid, now magically resurrected by Scarlet Witch's realignment of the Universe, joins his father on his quest into outer space (with many different powers, including time travel at his disposal, he may be needed).

MagnetoMagneto can't wait to help with the negotiations with the mutants on the Shi'Ar homeworld.

Lila Cheney (no relation to Dick)Lila powers make her their only link back to Earth.

LongshotLongshot's perpetual good fortune may be a much needed asset in the long journey to Shi-Ar.

BishopBishop will also follow Xavier anywhere. He's the tactical leader for planet bound missions along the way.

GambitRemy, upon Charles' request to join, doesn't hesitate to follow. His fighting skills will be a great addition to the team. He also knows there are plenty of valuable things out in space to steal.

MarrowSarah will give them the "Wolverine" type character they may need in battle. Also, Sarah wants to leave Earth behind and start a new life among the stars.

(all characters mentioned/depicted above are copyright/trademarked to Marvel Comics)
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