Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Desperate Housewives - Eva Longoria bane of continuity editors everywhere...

This gives nothing away from last night's episode's plot...

...but, if you've not watched it yet (or have watched but haven't deleted it from the TiVo yet), about 8 minutes into the episode, Susan walks into what I guess is Bree's house for all the girls having a pow-wow with Edie. Bree is sitting across the table from Gabby. Edie is at the head of the table with Linette behind her.

Keep an eye on Eva Longoria's hands. They keep going from folded to holding a box of tissues to folded in split second cuts back and forth. In one cut back and forth she also goes from folded hands in one angle to holding the box to folded hands again to holding a glass of water/tea...

...just pointing this out. If you direct a movie/television show with this person in it, make sure some one gives her business with her hands and make sure that she's consistent!
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