Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Animal update - our Autumn kitties: Ricky, Mickey and Mongo

Things are settling down here with the three siblings. They are starting to slowly warm to each other again from the time that they were separated (while Ricky first moved here and for who knows how long that Mickey was in the basement away from Mongo at the other house).

One interesting observation: Ricky had a big scab next to the corner of his mouth. I'd thought it was a scar/something permanent. Perhaps one of the many cats next door attacked him a while ago (maybe even when he was a kitten). I'd never remembered seeing it, but it's so small it's hard to see unless he's really up close to you.

Paul noticed today that it's going away...I checked and yes, the scab is gone. Not only is it gone, but there is new fur growth under where it was. He's not scratching at it anymore. Alby, Paul's stepfather, had said that Ricky had a nervous habit of scratching/rubbing at his face...think about it....who else has that kind of habit?

Yup. Crack addicts.

Perhaps, all the cats had second-hand crack smoke habits. This maybe what Ricky was sensing on the other two that made him not recognize them at first. That may be why their first week here has been interesting (with Mongo living in the basement and only coming up occasionally for meals...similar to how Ricky was only coming out of hiding BARELY that first week or two we had HIM). Mickey has mostly isolated herself in the dining room. Suddenly, tonight, she's been coming into the living room to watch television with us. Mongo, meanwhile, played in the kitchen with Ricky and they gave each other affectionate rubs/head butts. I think they've finally gotten detoxed or the light is visible at the end of the tunnel for them.

Let's see what shows up in Dana's toxicology report in her autopsy (the animal control lady called it a necropsy...don't know if it's a different procedure or if it's just different terminology for animals).

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