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Thurs - Dining Out For Life

This month, instead of our usual monthly Tuesday outing for dinner, we took a Thursday outing since last night was "Dining Out For Life". So, Dawn went through the restaurants on the list to see which ones in "the hat" were doing it this year.

We ended up at Amada, a tapas restaurant in Philadelphia. (located 'tween 2nd and 3rd on Chestnut). Awesome restaurant...great food. We totally filled up on lots of different things. Really cool waiter (Brett).

L to R: Kim, myself (I swear it's just the angle that I'm sitting that makes me look that fat), Tracy, Shawn, Dawn and our waiter, Brett.

We were seated, basically at the patio (facing the street, rocks beneath our feet, picnic table). This was fine, 'cause it was a beautiful night weather wise.


I would recommend this place whole-heartedly to the adventurous and the not so adventurous (there are things like grilled shrimp and beef/chicken stuff for the people looking for normal). I wouldn't go with a party smaller than five or six, though, since a lot of the fun in a tapas restaurant is the sharing of the good food!

Brett suggested we each pick about three things from the menu and mix and match them together with each other (you could always be stingy and just eat from your own plate, but what's the fun in that). We all happily put our "meaty forks" into each other's orders as we gorged on these dishes.

First, they brought out a couple of plates of Spanish flatbread with tuna spread (with capers) (instead of say, bread with balsamic or nachos/ was that basic spot in the meal). Then we were brought our cheeses/dips (we picked out one each, Brett suggested since it was cheaper to get three at a time, that even picking a sixth, we'd still end up with cheaper per person and have a whole 'nother cheese and dip to try...we weren't hard to convince). They were all good...except, for me personally the black olive dip. I LOVED the garlic caramel dip. Sounds weird. Was incredible in executuion.

We then had all of our other dishes seemingly at a rapid fire. The only problem being the one waitress was a "low talker" so it was hard to understand what some of the things were and what other ingredients and things were when they came to the table. There was a chicken and fried egg thing that I had that was cool. There were short ribs on something like a fried tortilla that was fantastic (both with and without bacon), an order of oyster that Dawn got that came with a shot of some kind of alcohol to wash it down with, various and sundry other things...too many to remember.

The only thing I really didn't like: one of the five "chocolate five ways" things in our dessert that Kim and I split. It was sort of a chocolate pudding, but it wasn't just made with chocolate but with ROSEMARY. We both made pretty interesting faces upon our single spoonfuls (all we could imagine having of it). Luckily, there were four more chocolate things to have.

All in all a nice night out with friends...and for a worthy cause....OH! And the bill was settled with NO problems again. Yup. It's definitely Chris and Andrea.
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