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The classic tale of a puppet who longs to be a real boy

June 8th at 2 PM - $8 Adults - $6 Seniors/Students
June 13th at 7 PM - $8 Adults - $6 Seniors/Students
June 14th at 4 PM and 7 PM - $8 Adults - $6 Seniors/Students
June 15th at 2 PM - $8 Adults - $6 Seniors/Students
June 20th at 7 PM - All seats $5

All performances at the Holly City Repertory Theatre
206 N. High Street - 3rd Floor - Millville, NJ

For handicapped access performances, please contact the Rep two weeks prior to performance.
I got the chance to see the show last night and I loved it. Okay, maybe I'm biased because my longtime companion, pabsungenis is in it. Maybe I'm biased because there are some friends in it too, like Matt O'Neill, Kristen Alice Ozma Brozina (that's a mouthful, huh?) and harryyea. Maybe it's a fun show, anyway, okay?

I especially liked Kristen as the Blue Fairy (this girl is very funny and sweet), Matt as Pinocchio (a sweet performance), Liza Monroy as the Clown ("menacing" doesn't even begin to describe it...), laura_a_tree as Miss Rose (one of the "puppets"...very convincing as a marionette), and Ryan Gavigan and harryyea as Fox and Cat (a great comedic team!).
Treat the kid in all of you and take in one of the upcoming performances!
Tags: community_theatre/hcrt

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