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It's really a small world, isn't it?

Thanks to online communities, whether Usenet newsgroups, Livejournal or Myspace, bulletin boards and other ways to communicate with others we keep bumping into people from throughout our lives...or those who may know other people around us.

I've been playing around with the search engine on Myspace to see who I knew that would come up. I'd searched for my childhood best friend. I didn't find him. (He's 39, I don't know why I'd expect him to be there). However, I found someone else. Upon seeing his picture, my jaw dropped.

His son. Same name. A "Junior". And he looks like a mirror image of his father at that same age.

It's funny, I knew that Jorge had a kid but I guess in the back of my mind he remained frozen in a chrysalis. I never imagined him aging all this time. Wow. 16 years old he is. That's nearly how old we all were that last time we saw each other, Jorge, his brother, Bob and I (well, Bob WAS 16, I was only recently turned 17 and Jorge was about to turn 18).

I confirmed with him that he was who I thought he was with a few e-mails back and forth. We've "friended" each other on the site. It feels weird.

In another time, if so much water hadn't passed under the bridge, he might have called me Tio.

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