Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

On a Happier Note...

Last night, we celebrated Tracy's birthday (and my new freedom from the shackles of retail).

Attending were (from l to r): Dawn, Shawn, Erik, Tracy, Kim, myself, Vanessa, Paul.

This is taken after we had cake, quite a few platefuls of chips/dip/salsa, cheese and sausage (yum with really good gouda and horseradish/bacon cheese), two cakes (traditional supermarket marble sheet cake and Dawn-baked pinapple-coconut cake), and a nice assortment of wines.

Tracy has a beautiful apartment filled with the most amazing art collection (it's a shame we weren't on the other side of this room to show off all the fabulous paintings she owns).

We tried playing the one game with these awful questions, but ended up playing her new Apples to Apples crate (you can see it on the chair on the far left).

Thanks, guys and gals, for a great night. Happy Birthday, Tracy!
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