October 20th, 2008

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A fascinating example of how Pro Choice CAN be Pro Family...

A very dangerous measure is being decided in South Dakota to very heavily legislate abortions, including not allowing doctors to properly advise their patients. This video includes an interview with one mother who had to abort one of her twins in order to save the other twin. Had she NOT had the right to choose, she would have lost BOTH twins.
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Queen Victoria needs your help!

Apparently, in a recent post on the online edition of the Washington Post, in a column called "Comic Riffs", The New Adventures of Queen Victoria got a plug

Now, they are conducting a poll to see what should replace the retiring strip "Opus" on the Sunday page, here. Someone has already added a "write-in" vote for Her Majesty in the comments section. If you like her, too, please add your voice to the comments section! It would be awesome to spread the love of Her Royal Highness, even if only once a week, in print form!