September 5th, 2007

Pushing Daisies - Make This Stuff Up

Paul's a big one.

Apparently, yesterday, the surgeons all looked at his x-rays/cat scans and found that he had a perforated bowel. If we hadn't brought him in when we did he would have likely have gone into sepsis and died. He thanked me for nagging him into going back to the hospital.

Today, they are going to be operating on him (we don't know a time yet). He will be under for about four hours they tell us. It's going to be a fairly complicated surgery primarily because of where the trouble is located and the fact that they need to go slowly to prevent from cutting anything else in that neighborhood.

He will be moved to ICU tonight and the surgeon said it should be about four or five days recovery before he is released from the hospital. The bad part is that this will leave Paul with a colostomy bag for about four months. Sometime after the new year, he will return to have that reversed.

Paul says that will "keep him out of commission" for that time. I reminded him that he will still be able to work on his strip and on his novels/plays. Hopefully most of our friends will be able to make time to visit us at our home since he won't be up for going out to socialize for a while and I don't want him turning into a hermit just out of shame/embarrassment over the colostomy bag. I've told him it may be icky, but I'd prefer it to his death. This, too, we will get through.

Of course, we've never yet gotten off the ground with our wedding plans and this is a likely snag in that. We may just have to "elope" in the new year.