March 18th, 2007

Brady Bunch - New Jan Brady

New House, "New" Job (sort of)...

Well, we've been in the new house for a little over a month...

...I realize that I've mostly been maintaining radio silence since that time except for the occasional news blurb or youtube video and partially that's been because I suppose I've been in my own depression cycle (not as deep as Paul's but there just as much).

Let me start with late last week, since that's when most of the big changes occurred...

We'd stopped at the house to finally grab some of the last of the little stuff left (my old Transducers poster I'd left on the computer room door). When we got there, little "Teeny" (the one stray we wanted to bring but didn't think we'd be able to catch) who hadn't been around the last couple of times before this (and we'd assumed finally moved on to a new house) was sitting on the porch, screaming at us from hunger and shivering. Poor Butters was there too (the male stray, who would not let me catch him). I ran inside and found the last few cans of cat food left behind while Paul went back to the house to retrieve some dry to put out for them and get the pet carrier for Teeny, 'cause I wanted to make one last attempt to catch her.

After letting her eat a little bit, I approached her and finally was able to pet her (she's usually very skittish). I stroked her as she gulped down the canned food and I held her when it was gone. As soon as Paul was there, I put some dry down for Butters, let Teeny have some more food, then scooped her up and we took her home.

When we got her back to the garage and she reunited with the rest of my girls (Hermione, Dusty, Tegan and Louise) she recognized them and purred very strongly. Dusty and Tegan both had nursed her when she was born (Tiny, her mother, also nursed their children). Louise, Dusty's daughter born at the same time as Teeny, had bonded with her as a sister and immediately ran to her.

In the week since, she's calmed down a little bit and still doesn't really trust us as much as the others (she was always a bit shy with us). Paul and I both say that we'd rather have her be a little skittish around us and alive and fed than fully trusting in us and dead.

Over last weekend, Paul went over to the old house one more time and was shocked to discover that like it or not...we were done moving. We had a couple of little big things still to get (our old lawnmower, the grill, a pair of very large ladders, etc.). However, the choice to get them was taken away from us. No, the new owners didn't claim that stuff. No, instead, the place was ransacked and partially destroyed. Doors were knocked in (including the basement side door), the last of the furniture that we were leaving behind was stolen (whether we planned to keep it or not doesn't really matter)...they even took the stove, sink and counters from the kitchen, the gas and electric meters off the outside of the house and other stuff...and they may have hopefully gotten hurt, 'cause it looks like the roof partially collapsed while they were doing this (and so did the back yard...right over the septic tank...there's BIG pits in the back right now). Hopefully, considering the new owners were planning on demolishing the property anyway to make way for a new road, this won't affect our escroe...


One of the good things we did last weekend (and I'm glad that we had this planned after walking through the devastation of the other house since we BOTH reallly needed to do this), was to drive down to Delaware to see thumpermarni's RHPS cast. Unfortunately, Marni was still recovering from passing a kidney stone during the week, but going to Rocky again was just what my spirit needed at that moment. We brought Kris and Heather. Heather was de-Virgin-ized. We yelled a whole bunch of AP lines that I don't think this audience had ever heard (whether they are really old or whether they were Harwan/DeMarco specific are two reasons, possibly). We also shouted a few new (to us, created that night) things...


Last Thursday, before picking up Teeny, I'd gone to the mall to fill out some applications. I'd filled a few out on but wasn't getting any bites (they started coming after the end of this story). I went in to talk to Mike at FYE, since I really did need the paycheck and it's something I KNOW how to do. I've also heard through the grapevine that I was welcome back. Mike told me that he'd just hired a bunch of people BUT that he knew there was an assistant manager position open at Hamilton Mall and would I consider it? Of course, I told him yeah.

On Friday, he called me to come back in and update my paperwork (with the new address and my current cell number and stuff). On Monday, he called me and asked me to go take the drug test (I'd never done that before and would be required to do this for a managerial position with the company). I went and pissed in the cup and I was called later that afternoon by Harrison (the manager at Hamilton mall). He gave me my week's schedule.

I started on Wednesday night this past week. I'm making a bit more (which should pay for the gas for the half-hour/forty minute commute), they have a FOOD COURT at the mall (Cumberland only had a pizza place, a chinese place, an expensive salad place, a Friendly's with really SLOW service and an Auntie Anne's pretzel), it's a smaller place so in theory it should be easier to maintain, I've already been trained at least as a team leader and I'm finding that it's not that difficult to do any of the extra manager stuff (so far, it's just been checking in shipment and stuff)...and I've got a set of keys. AND they don't have the TV's with the DVD (which I hated) playing, but the old FYE CD's (which I really didn't mind)...and we can play promo CDs as well to break up the monotony

I worked four straight nights of 2-10 (plus a commute) and have been really relaxing today. I've caught up on my reading (I'm actually fully caught up on that re-reading Harry Potter thingee (read_hp), having skipped a day and then reading four chapters last night), I watched a so-so pilot last night (I'd dubbed the first episode of ABC's "October Road" to the TiVo...barely a likeable character in the bunch...don't think I'm going to watch more of this), I watched Thursday's "Ugly Betty" this morning and watched an awesome movie this afternoon...
Pushing Daisies - Make This Stuff Up


"Shortbus" (2006)

IMDB: Shortbus (IMDB)
Amazon: Shortbus (Amazon)
Netflix: Shortbus (Netflix)

First off, yes, this movie does contain scenes of explicit sex. There's full frontal nudity of both varieties. There are insertion shots and cumshots and mouths on penises and faces between buttcheeks.

However, this isn't a porn film. Or if it is, it's a porn film with a great pedigree. It has good acting, engaging characters, quotable dialogue, great cinematography and art direction.

It follows a gay couple, the "Jamies", who are starting to have intimacy troubles partially due to the one partner (James, as opposed to Jamie) suffering from serious depression. They seek the help of Sophia who is a sex therapist (she prefers the term "couples counselor"). Sophia has a problem herself: she's never had an orgasm, though she enjoys the intimacy she shares with her husband. The Jamies take her to "Shortbus" an artsy sex club that should exist in real's part Plato's Retreat, part Warhol's warehouse, part nightclub with various chat areas in nooks and crannies throughout the building. There...Sophia meets Severin...(not Severin as in controladdict), who is a dominatrix (a sex therapist of another name, really) and they form an interesting friendship.

If you are adult enough to see a movie with visible penises and vaginas (including one scene of self-fellatio) without sniggering, give it a try.