January 22nd, 2007

Heathers - You're an Idiot

wow...behind the times much?

There was a discussion a few weeks ago on Weezy and the Swish about what constitutes hack comedy/comedians and one example mentioned would be the guys still doing jokes about airline food...when they pretty much have stopped serving a lot of food on airlines post 9-11...I think it was Laura ("the Swish") who said it would make her wonder how long it had been since THAT guy had a gig that required him to fly somewhere...

I had to think somewhat the same kind of thing when I saw today's Lucky Cow

Do they even MAKE polaroid film anymore? Wouldn't the average teen photograph himself with his CELLPHONE (just look at any random myspace page)?

Dude, get out of the house more often!
Pushing Daisies - Make This Stuff Up

Gay Bingo - Philly

I've been remiss to post about this weekend. The big part of that is my shitty digital camera. Polaroid sure makes a crappy product. I can take a picture in the same spot with all four settings (auto-flash/red eye/fill flash/flash off). I either end up with everyone completely bleached out (with pure white goth/clown faces) or with everyone sitting in the dark (or all red/yellow/orange tinged). I took a couple of pictures of Severin and Jenn (controladdict and lucindalunacy at Gay Bingo and they were the goth clowns in those shots...!

But, otherwise, it was a great night. They brought Jenn's sister, Sarah (who won tickets to a burlesque show). We giggled over a few of the prizes (a sitting with a psychic...wouldn't she KNOW who would win?). They brought a great assortment of cookies from a local bakery. We even saw old friend Harry Murphine (who was a stripper in the show...promoting "Philly Dares", a burlesque show he is in).

I'd love to go back again soon!
Pushing Daisies - Make This Stuff Up

Heroes Fans!

Don't forget:

check out the Graphic Novels page on NBC's site and read the new four parter (issues 13-16, "Wireless" Parts 1-4)....they introduce a NEW character, Hana.

She is also going to be featured in a special preview tonight during "Deal or No Deal" (at approx. 8.30)...set your TiVos!

Then, there'll be a new episode tonight at 9pm as well! (though no word on whether Hana will actually be integrated into tonight's episode or if she doesn't end up in the main storyline until later in the season).