January 15th, 2006

Pushing Daisies - Make This Stuff Up

2006 Week 2 - Movie 4 - Match Point (2006)

On Wednesday, Paul and I took in the film "Match Point", written and directed by Woody Allen.

I liked it, though I don't necessarily see myself watching this one again.

It was a departure for Woody in several ways. Though he's done dramas before, they're rare. This movie took place entirely in London instead of the usual NYC. Woody himself did not appear in the film and the main character was not the usual obvious Woody stand-in (see Kenneth Branagh in "Celebrity" for a particularly painful example). While the characters had neuroses, they didn't speak in the usual NY/Jewish overly "Woody" neurotic tones.

It starts out as a romance, then turns into a tale of obsessive love, then takes a dark turn into suspense.

All performances were great. The cinematography is up there with Merchant/Ivory. See it if you get a chance.
Pushing Daisies - Make This Stuff Up

2006 Week 3 - Movie 5 - Waiting (2005)

Okay...watched this one via iPod, via BitTorrent of a DVD Preview Screener.

It's absolutely hysterical. I can't wait to own it.

This is another in the line of "Clerks" and "Empire Records" type movies about "just because they serve doesn't mean they like you". I would recommend it to anyone who eats out on a regular basis just as a cautionary tale. Do NOT FUCK with people who serve you food!

Having worked in fast food, I can tell you a LOT of what goes on this movie (ie. dropping food and serving it to the customer anyway, etc.) goes on in real life. Every single character seems spot on except for maybe the two wigger gangsta busboys.

My favorite character had to be Naomi, played by Alanna Ubach. She's fucking hysterical and I hate to admit that I saw a lot of how I've been feeling lately at work in her performance.

One of the other highlights has to be the film within a film of the absolutely wretched training films they subject us to. I remember that we used to put our "favorites" on at Taco Bell and do RHPS/MST3K like AP lines to them 'cause they were just so poorly written and acted. My particular favorite was about safety during a burglary/robbery.

It comes out on February 7...buy it!