Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

You know what guys? YOU BOTH suck!

An open letter to our friends Kris and Becky...

I woke up this morning, the first day that I'm done with FYE and I'm still filled with tons of stress. Some of it was the job. Some of it is from you two.

I resent that you had Paul and I be in your wedding. You knew that we both came from divorced parents and that we care a great deal about the sanctity of marriage and that it's not something that should be entered into lightly. Now, I feel like a jackass for standing up there with you. You made a pledge to love and honor each other through good and bad and I didn't see either of you really trying.

Not to get into specifics here, 'cause this isn't the place for me to air your dirty laundry, but you are both equally responsible. Kris lied to Becky and to us. He withheld information from Becky and from us. He snuck around behind her back. His lies reflected badly on both Jarvis and I who were, at times, accused of being complicit in those lies because we didn't know what was and what wasn't told to Becky.

Meanwhile, Becky was a nagging shrew. It's possible that a lot of what she was accusing Kris of (which may or may not been the truth) may have been things she was doing (or thinking of doing) herself.

I no longer can trust either of you.


The speed at which you both hopped onto other people. Neither of you waited for the corpse of your marriage to get cold before starting up relationships with Fred and Heather (gee, the girl that Kris swore nothing went on with...but he didn't blink when given an opportunity to date her).

It's also hard 'cause Paul is only ever hearing Kris' version of the story and I'm only ever hearing Becky's. We've compared notes and are trying to make sense of the story in the middle. The only conclusion that I come up with is that she's a bitch and he's a prick. Who will ever know what the truth is?

Meanwhile, we'd planned to go on this trip to Disney World with them in October. We'd planned out dinners with the two couples and what night Uncle Paul and Uncle Bryan would spend with Maia (so Mommy and Daddy could have a night of romance to themselves, etc.). Now, it will only be Becky and Maia going. Kris is being told that he's going to have to make reservations himself. While I understand that they shouldn't be expected to stay together in the same room in the room that was originally reserved for them, I think that Becky just shouldn't go either...especially since Becky is threatening to possibly take her new fuck buddy, Fred (who we don't know and frankly, don't want to). We wouldn't want Kris to take Heather either.

Fred and Heather are just as responsible for the dissolution of our friends' marriage. Why would we want to know them or be stuck with them on OUR vacation? I've been trying to get Becky to understand this, but neither Paul and I have been able to voice that. Becky: cancel your reservations. Go another time.

Or, go the same time as we are. Fine. Don't expect to see us while we're there if you take Fred. We won't want to break bread with him. We don't want to ride rides with him. I don't want a bitter reminder of this year while I'm in WDW. I'm there to escape this stuff...not take it with us!

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