January 22nd, 2005

Pushing Daisies - Make This Stuff Up

I'm home for the night...

...luckily I got some hours this morning before the mall opened (did some alphabetization)...in the Latin section, YAY!

And I got out of there by noon. Now, at 3:20pm, I just got a call...I don't have to go back to my closing shift tonight (I was scheduled 4-close), since they are officially closing the mall at 4pm.

Luckily, we have stuff in the house to do...the cats outside have all found shelter in the garages and under the porch (I've been putting food out for them...what I put out on the porch is still there from when I got home today...I'll put some more out there soon).


Meanwhile, Paul was scheduled to be at the movie theatre until 6pm tonight...and when I just talked to him, he said that people had JUST ARRIVED to see movies...'cause this is the perfect weather to go to the movie theatre apparently.

I've been watching "Girl Interrupted" again. I'll be heading downstairs soon to find something to watch while I play the Sims, I guess...

...then I may curl up with a book, soak my feet in the footspa and play my scentstories player disc...
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