November 27th, 2004

Pushing Daisies - Make This Stuff Up

Black Friday and Saturday

May I say that Black Friday fucking sucks? The people that go shopping on the "most crowded shopping day of the year" are NUTS. I had to go in at 6am yesterday and now 7am today. It's not fun getting up in the dark to go to work!

When I arrived yesterday, there were already so many cars there, I practically had to park out in East Gippip ('cause the toy store(s) opened at 5am). You should have seen the line that led out of Kay-Bee toys and down the mall and out the door.

By the time I'd left yesterday at 4pm, we'd already made our quite huge plan for the day (or at least only had $800 to go, so we might as well call it as we did).

I'm still tired from feet and knees still hurt.

If you MUST venture out and shop this weekend (and really this whole next month...if you haven't shopped at by now than frankly what are you doing surfing on the internet?), be kind to your cashiers. They didn't CHOOSE to be there. YOU did.

Also, remember, the lowly store clerk does not place the orders for stock. So, if your child is asking for the hippest toy (which is always stocked very low, 'cause being new the stores are unprepared to know which toys will be cool and which toys will fail), buy it in August or get a gift certificate and come back and get it in January when all the flood of stock will hit the shelves that the stores will likely not be able to get rid of otherwise until next December (if at all, when the toy proves to be a flash in the pan that the kid plays with once and quickly discards like "Tickle Me Elmo").

Do not give me (or other of my fellow employees) a dirty look because we are sold out of Playstation 2 and X-Box systems. They do not send us more than 4 of each at a time, generally. We sell them as soon as they arrive in the store. We do so all year round (it hasn't been as much of a problem for us until about mid-October or so...). Sony and Microsoft can not, it seems, keep up with the demand for these things. If we could, we'd probably have 50 sent to us a day during the X-Mas season to serve you, but we can not control this. Neither can any of the other stores in the mall that sell them.
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