November 3rd, 2004

Pushing Daisies - Make This Stuff Up

What the Hell Happened?

We spent the evening last night with Kris and Becky. We ate Chinese food and I got to read a story to Maia for "night night"...We watched "Pecker" 'cause Becky had said that she'd never seen a John Waters movie, and I thought that would be the most accessable to her (because of the art world connection).

Then we started watching CNN for the results. When we left their house at 2am, it looked like Kerry still had a chance because of the Ohio thing being too close to call and that we would need to wait ten days for them to open those provisional ballots.

Now, when we get up, Bush is the President again/still. What the fuck? Kerry conceded last night? WHY?

If anyone wants to help Paul and I find some nice housing and jobs in Ontario, we'd appreciate the help. How do we go about getting work visas/green cards/Canadian citizenship? I certainly don't want to stay in this country anymore. I'll stay until after this year, just so we can tie up loose ends, but want to move early next year.