April 5th, 2004

Pushing Daisies - Make This Stuff Up

Just curious...

How do you all feel about downloading music or movies?

For example, I totally enjoyed "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" when I saw it the other day. I would actually like to see it at least one more time on the big screen. I'm going to be paying for that privilege. I also plan to purchase it when it comes out. The movie makers will be getting plenty of compensation from me...the price of the DVD will likely be in the neighborhood of $19.99 or thereabouts, I've already spent $5.50 and will probably spend the same amount (and may bring someone else to see it as well)...I'm also recommending it to people, thereby hopefully making them even more money. Do you think that it is unethical to download a copy of it as well (a bootleg obviously) since I'm not planning to resell it or even burn it to give to someone else (thereby theoretically losing the movie makers a potential ticket sale)?

I don't remember who it was (someone in RL) who was very opposed to downloading music, very pro-RIAA. I had mentioned that I download some music that I already owned, simply because I was too lazy to go out to the car and get the CD out of the trunk to rip it (which I have a right to do anyway, since I would have already paid for the music). I also have downloaded an entire album on a Tuesday when it comes out and then bought the thing on Friday (I did so with Annie Lennox "Bare" even though I was given the promo CD from Cyndi at FYE, since I'd expressed an interest in it). I wanted to have a copy for home and keep the promo in the car until my payday. I remember the person being quite put out by the idea that I'd downloaded it... (I really don't remember who)...

...anyway, what are your thoughts on this?
Also, on the same subject, you are legally allowed to own .roms of games that you own (game cartridges and actual arcade video games). They are back-ups. I'd gotten a funny look from the "Nintendo" representative when I said that I had a SNES-emulator and only one rom...of a cartridge that I owned...primarily so I could play the game on my computer instead of our SNES which was downstairs...I had told her that I only had the one rom and that it was something that I already owned and hadn't gotten others that I didn't own and therefore, I didn't feel that I was stealing from Nintendo (granted, it's not like they are still really making money on SNES games...they are only be sold by resellers at this point anyway).

...I'd mentioned it when I was asking her if she could mention my request for a sequel or update to the game for the Gamecube (the ONLY reason I would buy that system would be for this game (Earthbound) or one other game that I loved on the SNES (Zombies Ate My Neighbors)...you should have seen the look on her face when I told her that I hadn't really enjoyed a console game as much as those two...