July 15th, 2003

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Other stuff...I've felt like Noah lately...

(not because of the abundance of animals but because of all the rain)...

We've been having SO much rain lately (which you know if you've read one of my posts earlier this week)...what's made it worse: about two weeks ago, we had a flood in the movie theatre...three of the four houses were drenched inside down near the bottom of the houses...up about five rows a piece. It was so bad that we had to close for a whole day to do nothing but shop-vac the mess out. We've had more minor floods as well (one or two houses at a time)...

It's caused by the fact that there are inadequate drain pipes on the building coming from the roof, that the drains outside of the exits (which are at the bottom of stairwells, where water rushes down) are getting clogged up and the fact that the water is coming so fast and strong that the drains just can't keep up...the water ends up coming right into the exit doors and covers a bit of distance, since the floors are tilted back a bit at the bottom...

To make things even worse, about a week ago, I was in a minor car accident...it was very heavily raining and it started just before I had to be at work at the movie theatre. When I got to the corner just shy of our movie theatre, the road was starting to flood...it didn't look as bad in the Sears parking lot in front of the movie theatre, so I quickly turned in...BIG mistake (I should have instead turned AWAY from the movie theatre and headed to the Eckerds on the other side of the street, since it's lot is elevated some and may not have been submerged as much)...

I ended up hydroplaning into a pretty deep dip (which ended up bringing water into my backseat floor...). It stalled out my car. Thankfully, two strangers helped by pushing my car back up out of some of the puddle where it was high enough that it could dry out...

...the storm ended quickly enough and the water all went away...but, my car wouldn't start up again...

This started up a BIG argument for me and Paul...not because I ended up in the water, but because I've been neglectful about getting a photo inspection for my car insurance. If the car needed to be fixed, it wouldn't be paid for by the insurance company...

He ended up leaving for the night and he didn't come home that night...he always does that when he's angry...we ended up resolving things, but it was pretty tense the next night...

Anyway, our friend Richard, who owns a tow-trucking company, towed my car back to the house that night and Alby (Paul's step-dad, who is a mechanic) looked at it in the morning and managed to salvage the engine...I'm just going to need a new starter...the parts are in, I'm just waiting for an appointment at the garage...I'm able to drive the thing, but it may not be lasting long until we can get the new starter in...

(sidenote, it was especially after that night that I've felt more of a cool disposition from both R.J. and Jarvis towards me...it's very possible that they are both completely unaware that I'm feeling this way and haven't intended to treat me this way...)

Anyway, today, the landlord came over to the theatre to see what Paul was talking about...He saw the condition of the roof and the drainpipes and will be fixing them for us (they are HIS responsibility).
Pushing Daisies - Make This Stuff Up

Fourth of July and beyond...happy stuff...

Well, let's see...I had to work on the Fourth, but I managed to still have a good time...

I went up to Cherry Hill to spend the rest of the evening with the Transducers...Dawn and Kim, Jim and Lin, Matt, Shawn, Martin and Candie and I all joined up with Chris and Andrea at Andrea's parent's house (they were away for the holiday). After spending some time in the pool and just joking around on the deck (at one point I was shocked by the site of one of the neighbor boy's over the fence...a BIG guy (teen...probably underage) running around naked outside...I'm normally not offended by male nudity (and I don't think I was offended), but it was odd to just see a stranger doing this completely within our eyeshot...).

We drove to this great park where we sat near a riverbank and watched the fireworks display coming from nearby Camden. We also could hear the music coming from the F.U. Center (Cheap Trick was giving their concert). The display was fabulous and the company was great (even when we got stuck in the horribly slow traffic on the way home).


I've finally started having the rehearsals for "Othello" and I feel much more confident about it now...I was having a bit of anxiety about learning my lines, but now that I've gotten a chance to walk through a number of the scenes, I have a feeling it will come...it's hard work, but it will all pay off...

the Cast list and performance dates:


by William Shakespeare

Bryan Irrera - Roderigo
Michael North - Iago
Joseph Chicco - Brabantio
Joseph Chicco - Montano
Ian Kimble - Ensemble
Anderson Marchack - Othello
Amanda Sylvester - Michael Cassio
Kent McGroarty - Bianca
Kent McGroarty - 1st Officer
John Weiner - Governor of Virginia
April Brenner - Gratiano
April Brenner - 1st Senator
Avra Myers - Desdemona
Christy Linn - Emilia

Director - Brett Fauver
Asst. Director/Stage Manager - Stephanie Gervato-Fauver
Asst. Stage Manager - Kristen Alice Ozma Brozina
Set Design - Renee Weaver
Costume Design - Stephanie Gervato-Fauver

July 30 & 31, August 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 2003
Wednesday evening performance $5 all seats.
$12 Adults/$10 Children/Seniors/Students at the door.

For tickets, call: Call 825-3077
For directions/other info, please go to: HCRT.org.
Pushing Daisies - Make This Stuff Up


It's an utmost shame when this is the SECOND of Alan Moore's ultra literate and heavily researched books (just check out the annotations for the League at:

Jess Nevin's Annotations Pages to get a sense of how in depth these books really ARE or page through the graphic novel of From Hell and take a gander at the bibliography and various notes in the back and see how much thought went into his opus on Jack the Ripper) have to be turned into such pablum for the American mass-media mainstream public to be able to except it. Note the fact that they even changed the title from "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" to "LXG" (okay, even though they could simply have done this to save marquee space and letters for multiplexes, shouldn't it have been "LEG" (but, I guess they didn't want people thinking it was a movie about a severed body part)?). I haven't seen the movie, but I kind of dread it. I've heard from a friend who saw it that you could definitely tell who in the theatre was well-read and who wasn't by who laughed (or groaned) at what jokes and who didn't. I guess it would be an experience quite like that of when Paul and I went to the "South Park" movie and started laughing at the references to "Les Miserables" and everyone else in the audience was sitting quite silently...

Do yourselves a favor...everyone go to your local comic shop/bookstore and buy a copy of the first trade paperback of this series NOW and sit and enjoy it. I also recommend reading "From Hell", "Watchmen", and just about anything else Moore has written (though your mileage may vary).