April 8th, 2003

Pushing Daisies - Make This Stuff Up

I'm awake...barely...

Yesterday, I had to go into work at 5am (which meant getting up at 4am) and headed in to do inventory at FYE.

While there, I ended up staying until 1:30pm.

I then stayed home briefly (enough to shower and change) and grabbed a bunch of comics and headed to Taco Bell (for dinner) and to work at the movie theatre...I didn't want to be in the house any longer than I had to be.

At the absolute WORST time EVER, our heater in our house busted. It's about 50 degrees in the house as I type this...I'm wearing three layers of clothing. It's bad when my boss calls (Cyndi) this morning and says she's backed up in traffic (from Pa.) and not to come in until 10am...(I would rather be there where it's warm).

After working that very early day, I ended up staying at the movie theatre until just about 11pm or so...I was in bed by midnight and didn't open my eyes until 8am this morning when the alarm went off...

Now, today, I'm in from (now 10am) til 5pm, then head to the movie theatre from 7pm on (while Paul is at the city council meeting).
Pushing Daisies - Make This Stuff Up

Take THAT!

I'm overjoyed. Paul just got back from the City Council meeting. He told me that the Council voted unanimously to delete the paragragh in the rulings on how much can be built on a wilderness property.

Okay. Back story, for those of you who don't know:

Paul's grandfather owned LOTS of real estate, including undeveloped property on the outskirts of town. When Paul's grandfather died, the property became part of Paul's trust. It is being held by First Union bank. The lawyer for the estate, Richard Milstead, had been trying to push through this sale of the particular property on the outskirts of town (some of which is zoned "wilderness" or "woodlands" or something). Richard has been representing both the estate AND the buyers, a group that calls themselves "Hogback"...they are from North Jersey.

This is highly unethical that he would be representing BOTH sides of this sale.

Paul has been trying to fight this sale, since the developers have plans to destroy the woods there and put up over 300 homes (as "slums"...the lawyers words to Paul at one time).

We've been fighting this at City Planning Board meetings and at the City Council meetings for months (though we've been fighting this particular sale for over a year or so).

One of the antiquated laws stated that this particular zone could have quite a lot of building on it (allowing clear cutting), and pretty much was ridiculous. It would allow quite a LOT of our natural resources to be destroyed (and many citizens of Vineland have been in an uproar about this).

Anyway, the Hogback people were there tonight (with a new lawyer...hmm...I wonder what's up with that?) and they told the city council that if this measure was passed (thereby no longer allowing them to build on this property) they would sue the city.

First, Paul reminded them that they don't YET own the property in dispute.

Secondly, Lou Magazzu, our county Freeholder, was at the meeting tonight and told the Council members that he'd had a chance to talk to the Governor and that the Governor had told him that if there was any legal backlash to this vote, that the State would back up the city of Vineland (and Lou said the same thing about Cumberland County).

Anyway, the council members voted unanimously to remove this paragraph, which ruins the plans of these vultures from North Jersey to create more sprawl in our state (down here, where there is still room...their upper-half of the state is already destroyed) and specifically in our city.