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The countdown is ticking...

For those of you who don't know, I've put in my notice at work. My last day (currently) in retail hell will be April 22nd. - no more dealing with incompetent managers and co-workers (hi, Patterson!).

As soon as I'm done, I can focus on the task at hand: packing for our move into our new house. This will include: boxing all the comics (hopefully getting to alphabetize them along the way, but getting them into the long boxes is the first priority), sorting through all the crap in this house and deciding which things go into the new house with us, which go to sale on Ebay, which can be sold at the yard sale towards the end of the old house' run, etc.

Some books will be brought to the Wind Chimes Book Exchange in Millville, some DVDs will be sold back "used" to FYE (probably...I can get rid of a few things that are getting newer editions on the horizon), I can see Ebaying a lot of the CDs that we don't want (after ripping any of those "the one song I bought it for and the only song I ended up liking anyway" tracks).

Thanks to theferrett for posting this link to a site called Apparently it's for planning events. There's a section where you can "demand" an event, such as a band coming to your area, etc. This event is probably something they didn't plan on, but it's interesting nonetheless (no matter WHICH side of the political spectrum you fall on).

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