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When/If you associate La Fiesta Tech with your neighborhood, you will meet the Davis brothers, though they were initially named Aldric and Almeric. They are in the Sims Bin. I quickly changed their names with Sims2 Enhancer by Richard Halle (the first Sims Enhancer was indispensable and so is this version) to names I appreciated more.

Adric, a mathematics major, is the one snuggling on the couch with Ganit (the purple girl) and Algernon, a psychology major, is sitting alone. Ganit and her family (her brother Kiritan and her parents, Blaz and Matsu) have been around in my game since before University. I'd created them as my first non-Maxis alien family. Since the in-game family was the "Smiths", they are the "Jones" family.

I decided that like the Coneheads, they wouldn't necessarily know which names would sound normal, so I picked the most exotic sounding ones I could find in my baby name book. Ganit means: "garden" in Hebrew.


The threesome is currently in their third semester at the college (half way through their sophomore year).

They've had some interesting goings on lately, but unfortunately some of it happened when I wasn't looking. Ganit had recently befriended fellow dorm mate, Lee:

But, the next day, I noticed everyone running outside to mourn at a gravesite (I didn't see the student die, so I don't know what caused it). I quickly decided to have Ganit make a phone call to the grim reaper to resurrect whoever it was...thinking that no matter who it was, since I knew it wasn't one of the three playable people who lived here, I could go on the cheap and let them be a zombie (since I'd not played one yet).

Imagine my surprise when Ganit's new friend, Lee, turned out to be the new zombie dormmate (I quickly had him move out, as he became playable and I don't like more than three playable college students at once...don't worry, I've put him with some interesting people that have been in my Sims Bin for a while just waiting for something like this...you'll see him again eventually).

Ganit quickly had to get her mind off her friend and did a little gardening (maybe there's a little wacky weed in one of those pots?).

Ganit also felt bad that Algernon hadn't yet found love and had been striking out with the ladies of late. So, she thought it might be time to give him a little help...

So, she used a little bit of her influence to get her friend and fellow dormmate, Melanie Kody, who had previously finished a term paper for her, to go talk to Algernon.

Melanie seems quite happy to find out that Algernon cares about the environment. Maybe there's a chance there for these two...

Meanwhile, Adric has been thinking about getting engaged to Ganit. He's been working on winning the cost of a ring as he plays Texas Hold-em.


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Apr. 5th, 2006 07:14 am (UTC)
Ganit's pretty! I never had a purple sim before - I should try making sims of odd colors.

I love that about the Sims - there's always something new to try out.

I hope you do use the zombie again- I'm curious as to what you can do with them when they're playable.
Apr. 5th, 2006 02:15 pm (UTC)
Wait til you see the rest of the family. The purple brother is also at college and he is dating a blue girl (who has normal skinned mom and sibling like Johnny does).

I also have created a bunch of new alien students who'll you'll see towards the end of this run (when you see the zombie again, since his last name begins with "T")...I'll leave them to be a surprise since they're pretty interesting.

I mostly like them for what I'll eventually end up with in future generations' DNA (though I tend to be reluctant to allow my characters to age...I've used SimEnhancer to currently lock everyone into about 365 Sim days at adulthood and about 150 days at childhood and teenager so they don't get away from me).

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