Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Visiting With My Sims - Pemba Darvan and her Servo Robot, Telek

I originally created Pemba (which means "the force of present existence") to be a college student at La Fiesta Tech. However, upon her arrival on campus, she immediately flunked out of school and became an adult and moved out into the Sims Bin.

I decided to just roll with it and move her into Nengi65's "Factory Living" (Part 5) house.

After decorating her house, and quickly getting her a job (she's currently working in a custom career as a "Broadway Baby" a waitress!), I decided to allow her to have one of the very first of the Servos in town (since I'm not sure who actually bought them from Pascal's shop yet, having not seen who picked one up and not yet found one in anyone's inventory). So, I beamed Pascal in with Simlogical's teleporter painting, quickly "controlled him" and had him leave a Servo on the floor as a free present (I can always just "kaching" him the $6000 back).

Pemba quickly turned the Servo on. I named him "Telek", which means "iron cutter" in Polish. Well, he went about his duties, cleaning up, cooking a meal for the guests that had arrived at the house (the welcoming committee), etc.

However, there was one problem:

Telek quickly needed a recharge.

Pemba left for work while that was happening.

So Telek, now lonely, found a new friend...

That only HE could see! Great, I have a robot that's suffering from hallucinatory visions.

Tags: video_games/sims_2, video_games/sims_2/pemba, video_games/sims_2/servo_telek, video_games/sims_2/social_bunny

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