Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Visiting With My Sims - short one - the Curious Brothers

Last time I posted a Sims story, it was about Lazlo Curious. This one is about his brothers, Vidcund and Pascal and their respective children, Ripley and Elliott.

I'm mostly posting this one just to keep with the alphabetical tour of the neighborhood...not many pictures this time. Just four.

Here we see the kids going off to school. I just wanted to get this odd angle. I like that we can now see other houses in the neighborhood. Off in the distance there, across the street, you can see their uncle Lazlo's house.

These two shots are from the interior of the remodeled Maxis toyshop that Pascal owns. It was originally called the Inner Child Toys and Gifts shop. I rechristened it "The Curiousity Shop" for Pascal. I'll be taking more shots from within the shop eventually.

Tags: video_games/sims_2, video_games/sims_2/business_toys, video_games/sims_2/curious_brothers, video_games/sims_2/elliott, video_games/sims_2/pascal, video_games/sims_2/ripley, video_games/sims_2/vidcund

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