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Visiting With My Sims - Lazlo Curious

First let me say that I unfortunately don't remember where I downloaded this house (though I refurnished it with all kinds of other furniture that I downloaded around the web).

We've already seen Lazlo in the entry on Erin Beaker (he's her fiancee).

Here follows a tour of his house and scenes from the engagement party that Lazlo threw for their family and friends (of course, Loki and Circe Beaker, Erin's brother and his wife, weren't invited. Frankly, I don't think that Erin (or anyone) missed them.)

Lazlo's bedroom on the third floor

Lazlo's open space/loft style balcony office area

(the other parts of the house can be seen in the rest of the pictures)

I had Lazlo go to the phone and invite his brothers, Pascal and Vidcund, and his sister Jenny. Then I hit my teleporter and used it to invite everyone else...the entirety of the Curious/Smith/Cruz clan was in attendance:

Lazlo's two nieces, Ripley (the little girl with the butterfly wings...purely just a fashion statement) and Jill (the blonde) dance together. Ripley is Vidcund's daughter. Jill is Pollination Tech #9 and Jenny's.

Lazlo called everyone outside to make a toast (which was strange considering that I put the champagne on the dinner table, but whatever) and Jenny seems to think that they "HAVE to get married". The young man in the tank top is a random stranger who happened to be walking by at the moment. Don't you hate that when that happens in REAL life photos?

Here, Jaime takes the time to play "tickle monster" with his nephew, Raistlin.

Chloe, ever the "lady", tells a dirty joke to her half-brother Pascal.

Morpheus (and Lazlo) doesn't seem to know what to make of it when his sister Wednesday starts a pillow fight with their sister-in-law Lola.

Ripley also enjoys dancing with her Aunt Jenny, who hardly seems old enough to be Neely and Raistlin's grandmother.

Neely and Raistlin behave themselves well, playing quietly in the dining room.

Morpheus takes some time to rock out on Lazlo's bass!

Johnny enjoyed the show and rewards his husband with a kiss.

It looks like Kristen and Vidcund both enjoy the aquarium together (I saw the two of them hanging out a lot together and may have to explore this friendship...being an athlete, Kristen probably should have more guy friends).

Erin and Johnny chill out for a while and chat about her plans for the ceremony. Every girl needs her gay guy friend to help her with that stuff!

EDIT: coming soon:

The Curious Brothers: Vidcund and Pascal and their children
Pemba Darvan (a yellow skinned alien woman living downtown)
the "Davis" dorm - one of my university dorms, with a pair of brothers and the first of the four Jones' (their daughter, Ganit).
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