Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Visiting With My Sims - Jaime and Lola Cruz

First, as I've said, Jaime is my all time favorite Sim, primarily due to the nostalgia that he's the first child to ever have been born in my original Sims 1 game (I've made sure that this Jaime started with the exact same stats (I did this for all six characters I ported over), etc.).

I suggest starting with Lola's proposal to Jaime. Then, look at The house I built for them and the finished product (with landscaping)

Recently, I've decided that Lola should take a plunge into owning her own business.

I've had a custom career for Lola for a while as a beautician, so it was only natural that she would open one of the new beauty salons in the newest expansion (Open For Business).

I found the "Delicate Petal Salon" by NaelisSim at The Sims Resource. Add to that all of the wonderful salon objects I found from Shannanigan also at The Sims Resource.

Here's the exterior shot of the lovely Delicate Petal Salon, freshly open for business.

At the cash register area, there is also perfume available for purchase.

There are plenty of fashion magazines for the ladies to browse through to choose hairstyles, but there are also a nice selection of gossip mags to read while getting their hair dry (unfortunately, these are just chairs and not usable objects, but, still add lots of great atmosphere to the place).

There are four salon chairs to service customers with makeovers. Thirsty customers are welcome to use the ice-cold water cooler as well as the coffee maker by the mirrors.

There's also a photo booth by the mirrors, so happy clients can immortalize their new looks!

Here, Lola makes over one of her first clients, one of the townies...

A satisfied customer!

Coming soon:

Lazlo Curios
Pascal, Vidcund, Elliot and Ripley Curious
Pemba Darvan
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