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Visiting With My Sims - Fernando and Kristen Cruz

This is Fernando and Kristen. If you'd like to see a "flashback" and see their wedding, go to: This entry. Most of their history is laid out there as well.

Basically, when I first starting playing, I'd taken a quick glimpse into Pleasantville or whatever they called it. I saw what they did with Cassandra Goth and that Brandi Broke was actually the daughter of Bob and Betty Newbie. I decided to take that idea and move some of the children from my Sims 1 game into this game as adults.

Most of the Sims 1 characters I played were based on real life people I knew. Of course, with much more twisted histories. The Cruz family had one such twisted history:

The sim of my friend Jarvis Cruz married the sim of my friend Dawn Fisher. They had a son. I'd named him Jaime. Jaime is still my number one all-time favorite character (you'll see him in the next Sims 2 entry) mostly due to the nostalgia. Soon after Jaime became a full-grown child (in a boy scout uniform), Jarvis and Dawn had some domestic problems. Dawn was falling in love with another man and Jarvis was out of the picture.

He soon fell in love with my sim of another friend named Amanda Ivanoff. From that marriage came Fernando (who when he manifested as a full-grown child from baby was first wearing a Star Trek:TNG uniform). The two half-brothers quickly became best friends.

(I'll cover Jarvis' third marraige when I get to those siblings).

Kristen was one of the singles. She lived with Erin and the Curious-Smith sisters, Lola and Chloe. She is an athlete as Erin is, so they've developed a strong friendship at work and from being roommates.

Mostly, they are living in wedded bliss. The only problem: They have a beautiful house. Why is that a problem?

" 'Nando, honey, I love you so much. I want to have a baby."

"Honey, whatever you want, I want. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Of course we can start trying to have a baby. We'll just have to start looking at some new houses once the time comes."

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