Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Friday and Saturday.

So, Friday I was off and Paul and I got to go to the new house to see it. Oh YEAH, we are SO buying this house. It was everything I thought it would be (except the garage is one car, not two...oh well, that's a small thing to worry about).


Yesterday, I worked until four and then quickly got showered and changed. I called Irene to let her know that I was ready whenever she got here. I got her voice mail on her phone, then realized that her old house was in the "dead zone" out in Milmay, so she wouldn't get my message until she left her family.

Irene moved away about seven years ago and it had been at least three or four years since she's been home to visit. It was so nice to see her.

...anyway, apparently, she's waiting for her mother to arrive from Pennsylvania to come babysit the kids so we can go out. Her mom doesn't get here until like nine or so...and then complained that we were going to be out late when we could have been home at a decent time if she'd arrived earlier.

Finally around 9-ish, we head out, myself, Irene and her little sister Patty who is all grown up now. We first stop at the movie theatre, 'cause Paul and I managed to end up with each other's phones. After we traded phones, we drove down to Atlantic City to hit the Tropicana's Havana Quarter.

I had suggested eating in RiRa - the Irish pub there. It was WAY busier than I've ever seen it (though I've only been on a weeknight, so how was I to know?). The girls split a nachos appetizer, Irene ordered a Cosmo and I got the philly boxty (it's sort of a cheesesteak crepe served in a potato pancake).

We headed out to the casino and I have to say it can get overwhelming down there...all those bright lights and everything. Once you are deep into the casino you can lose perspective as to what direction everything is 'cause all the slot machines, though all very different themed, can all look so much the same.

I managed to win back the price of my dinner (I'm usually a cheap skate and only play about $20 anyway...and that usually in the penny slots). I'd found not only a couple of cool, interesting machines that had neat mini game thingees, but also found a very cool video poker thing.

It was called "Multi-Draw" poker...basically, you are playing a succession/tower of four draw poker hands. The first hand is worth 1x points, the second hand is 2x, the third is 4x and the final hand is 8x. I won $12.00 that way and $8.00 on the penny slots.

Anyway, today I'm taking it slow...gonna finish watching "Lackawanna Blues" on the TiVo and make something for lunch.
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