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Visiting With My Sims - Circe and Loki Beaker and their children.

As I said, I'm going to be visiting each of my Sims families over the next couple of weeks...

Circe and Loki Beaker have had a troubled marriage and now are awkward with each other and seemingly can't even look at one another.

When you first install the Sims 2, you'll meet Circe and Loki Beaker living in Strangetown. They are a pair of scientists who are doing a series of experiments on a young man they have living with them (in their basement "dungeon"). I quickly released "Nervous Subject" from their clutches and he went off on his own. The newly rechristened Norville Specter (son of Olive, one of the other pre-fabbed characters in the game) turned out to be dumber than toast and after becoming a vampire didn't know to get out of the sun.

Of course, this first predicament turned me somewhat against these two characters. While I've since softened their looks with makeovers and new clothes, I've not much fallen in love with these people. They tend to be the ones I torture when it's time to go all "Soap Opera" in the game.

After quickly moving them out of their castle and into this house. In theory it is a great house, featuring a huge open plan and a swimming pool that's both indoor and outdoor. However, it is way too big to really be playable.

Anyway, after giving birth to their daughter, Hecate, Circe had a quick fling with a "Townie" named Oasis Doyle. Oasis was a character that I'd created and grafted his skin onto one of the townies with the SimEnhancer program. He is an alien with Drow Elf gray skin and white hair.

At one point, Circe made "woo-hoo" with Oasis in the hot tub and Loki caught them. It resulted in a big fight and Circe walked out on Loki, leaving him alone to raise their infant. As her parting shot, she called an adoption agency on her way out the door and requested a child be sent to her husband.

Circe moved to the Downtown area from Nightlife and Oasis soon followed.

Meanwhile, back at home, Loki was surprised the next morning when the social worker arrived with a bunch of children in tow for him to choose from (and no way to refuse the child). So, while juggling an infant and work, thanks to the help of their nanny, Loki welcomed Elle into his house. She quickly grew into a teenager day while no one else was home, decided to make herself a burger on the grill...and died in a glorious fireball.

While living downtown, Circe quickly got pregant with Oasis's daughter. After giving birth to Lilith, Circe soon caught Oasis flirting with Ophelia Nigmos (strangely enough, Norville/Nervous' only living relative). She walked out on him, too.

When she arrived in her second new house in the downtown area, the gypsy arrived and offered to set Circe up on a blind date. Circe ended up dating Tank Grunt (who is attending college at La Fiesta Tech). Circe being as fertile as she is...things ended up just as you might expect. Circe never looked back and never spoke to Tank about it.

She moved back in with Loki...pregnant with Tank's son, Mordred (whom he hasn't met).

Their daughter, Hecate, with one dead adopted sibling, one half sibling she's never met and a newborn half sibling whose parentage no one is telling her about, is a bit neurotic. Is she becoming a neat freak as a means of finding control in her situation?

As a means of making it up to her, her parents keep lavishing presents on her...substituting toys for real love/affection.

As you can see, the house is extremely huge. I'm going to have to find them a new house soon (one hopefully with enough bedrooms for this growing family...especially in case Circe meets any of the other men in the neighborhood).

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