Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Eat This! - Vesuvio

Last night, we went to Vesuvio in Philadelphia.

Good Stuff:

The food was all mostly good. I was probably the only one who didn't really care for the pollenta. My filet mignon was cooked to perfection. The desserts were all yummy.

Bad stuff:

They were out of some things, including eggplant which some were planning to order. It would have helped if the person who seated our party and gave us our menus could have told us to begin with. There was an odd step/slope leading into the bathrooms with no sign nor proper lighting to ensure our safety.

After our orders were placed, it was discovered that they were out of still more and Andrea had to order again, delaying all of our meals.

My side dish of potatoes came to the table about ten minutes after my main course.

The money we had upon final calculations was AGAIN short compared to the bill. The rest of us left at the table refigured all of our own payments and knew that WE ALL put in WAY TOO MUCH (as always). The only time we don't have problems with the bill (and in fact have TOO MUCH money and get some back 'cause we are used to OVERCOMPENSATING for the OTHERS) is when certain people don't dine with us. We don't know whether they can't do math or whether they are stingy (cause upon doing the math ourselves what they put in included neither tax nor tip).
Tags: bad_service, chris_and_andi:stingy_or_can't_do_math?, food/eat_this, food/restaurants/generic, friends/transducers

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