Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Dreaming new episodes of old time television shows

Back in this post, theferrett talked about what was on his DVD Shelf in Heaven. I responded with this entry, in which I talked about comic books I'd held in dreams.

Well, my subconcious is at it again. The other night I dreamt an unknown, never before aired series of episodes, perhaps planned for a new season that never aired, of the Brady Bunch where they took another mutli-part episode vacation (like the ones at the Grand Canyon and in Hawaii).

This one was "The Brady's European Vacation". I distinctly remember seeing a vacation montage moment (similar to when the Bradys went to the amusement park and they did a montage of them riding different rides) wherein Mike, Carol, Alice, Bobby and Cindy were all riding in a gondola in Venice.

I'm sure that Marcia or Greg (or both) would have had romance stories...Greg with a French girl, Marcia with an Italian boy (they would likely visit multiple countries on one of those whirlwind X countries in Y days type trips). Meanwhile, Peter and Jan would probably have a hokey subplot where they accidentally switch luggage with a spy and don't know they have a secret microfilm or something and are being tailed throughout their trip by a pair of bungling spies (perhaps Don Adams and Barbara Feldon in guest roles?).
Tags: dream_log, televison/generic

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