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From durabear

Open your iPod or your iTunes library, sort your library using the following search criteria, and list the results.

Total Count
7903 Items

Sort by song title
First: 'Cause I'm a Blonde - Julie Brown
Last: Zombie Girls - Ukes of Hazzard

Sort by time
Shortest: Schoolhouse Rocky - Bob Dorough & Friends - 0:13
Longest: The State of Emergency Tour - Margaret Cho - 1:26:11

Sort by artist
First: 'Til Tuesday
Last: ZZ Top

Sort by album
First: "Weird Al" Yankovic - "Weird Al" Yankovic
Last: "Zap The World" - Death By Chocolate

Top ten most played songs

Life is a Celebration - Kids From Fame
Mixtape - Butch Walker
Donut (the Donut Song) - Basil
Timothy - Bouys, The
I'll Be Your Mirror - Clem Snide
Better Be Home Soon - Crowded House
I've Got a Life - Eurythmics
(Getting Ready For the) Rapture - Jill Sobule
God Only Knows - Mandy Moore & Michael Stipes
You Can Sleep While I Drive - Melissa Etheridge
Tags: memes, music/generic, music/ipod, music/itunes, music/mp3s

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