Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
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2006 - Week 3 (Delayed Post) - Movie 6 - Mind The Gap (2004)

Yeah, I've been kind of putting off this movie review...

...I love Jill Sobule and thought it was wonderful to watch her on my television. I loved the use of her music throughout the piece.

However, I didn't care for the movie itself (whose link on the imdb is here.

There are five stories, seemingly unrelated until the very end. Even then, they are really only tangentially related and they seem so overly coincidental in how a couple of them intersect.

On top of it, they are all (again, with the exception of Jill's story, which was actually fairly uplifting) really fairly depressing.

There's a young woman who is taking care of her dying mother, who we discover never loved her because she was a product of a rape, a man who is raising his son on his own (a son he has acquired through a surrogate with an egg he bought through the internet), a man who considers suicide since he's separated from his son after his divorce thanks to his cheating on his wife, and a cantankerous old man who is taking a journey to a childhood swimming hole.

There's also a young woman who sings at street corners ala Phoebe Buffay who won't cross from Brooklyn to Manhattan until she has a bonafide gig (and who is afraid of dying of heartbreak...literally, since she has a pacemaker).

It's currently playing on Showtime if you are so inclined.

If you just want to sample Jill's music, I would recommend going to Jill's website, where she always has a few songs for download and some streaming.
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