Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

2006 - Month 1 - Eating out with the gang!

This month, our big dining excursion took us to "Eulogy", a Belgian Tavern.

Paul and I split an appetizer of Belgian meatballs. This one could easily have been a sufficient main course served with a side dish. The meat was tender and well seasoned. They were served in a gravy that was more of a broth. The waiter even brought over a pair of spoons for us to scoop it up.


Kim, Shawn, Paul, Vanessa (who joins us about once a year) and I all partook of the Napoleon Burger. The best part about the burger is all the different choices of toppings and cheeses so we each had a completely different experience.
I did really like Tracy's order of Chicken breast served over mashed potatoes and string beans (with what looked like black beans but were actually peppercorns).

Good prices here, hearty food, interesting atmosphere (the tables are caskets with skeletons in them), friendly waiter, etc.

Of course, as always, though WE rounded up our total before figuring our portion of tax and tip and STILL put in more (again by rounding up), somehow the bill was short. It's funny how sometimes that doesn't happen (but only when some of us AREN'T there).
Tags: chris_and_andi:stingy_or_can't_do_math?, food/eat_this, friends/transducers

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