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Long week...

Okay, it's been a long week or so without a REAL post (sorry to the people on my friends list for all the lame "survey" type thingies in the last week or more).

Let's see, on Thursday of LAST week, I went to see "Alabama Rain" at the HCRT and I really liked it a lot. I thought the girls (including director Stephanie Gervato Fauver, lights/sound tech Rita Lyman and stage manager Christy Linn) all did an excellent job. Of course, it's a shame that I'm posting this NOW, 'cause tonight was the last night (but click on that URL for info on the upcoming shows: "Pinocchio" (Paul's in that), "Twelfth Night" (for those who missed it at CP or those who'd like to see it again) and "Othello" (which I'll be in later this summer...more on that later in the post)).

I ushered/box-officed the next two nights and joined the cast on Saturday night at Applebee's (Kim Fogle and I split an order of nachos (they're certainly big enough for two)).

On Sunday, I opened at the movie theatre with R.J. (Paul was at his rehearsal for "Pinocchio") and then went home and just vegged on comic books for a change.

Monday was my long day at the record store and the movie theatre (with an hour off in-between).

On Tuesday, Paul and I went into Philly to have our monthly dinner with the members of Eat This! I sent Shawn my review late last night, so it should be up before the end of the weekend, probably (reader's digest condensed version: Mixto in Philly. Located at 12th and Pine next to Giovanni's Room (the gay/lesbian bookstore). Latin fusion menu. Excellent food. Highly recommended).

I worked pretty steadily from Wednesday through Friday. I ushered/box-officed again last night at the HCRT.

This morning was my first (and only) readthrough rehearsal for "Othello" (we are going to be resuming on July 13th for two intense weeks of rehearsal before tech week)...meanwhile, they are going to be doing "Twelfth Night" and the rest of us are responsible for getting ourselves "off book".

Amongst the cast were a veritable "who's who" of local community theatre (from various incarnations/groups). Anderson Marchak (aka Andrew Black) will be Othello, Avra Myers will be Desdemona, John Weiner is the Duke of Venice, Christy Linn is playing Emilia, Amanda Sylvester is Cassio, Ian Kimble is playing numerous roles and the other actors were people who were new (I didn't quite get their names yet, but I'm sure they will be on the site soon). Brett is directing and playing Iago (Stephanie is assistant directing and she says she'll have no problem telling him if he sucks!). I am playing Rodirigo.

The best part(s) for me: I'm FINALLY in a serious drama. I'm getting a sword fight!

I'll keep everyone posted
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