Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

2006 Week 1 - Movie 1 - Broken Flowers (2005)

During the week, I've been watching "Broken Flowers" starring Bill Murray. There are great people in this movie. Jessica Lange, Tilda Swinton, Sharon Stone, Frances Conroy among them.

They are all (Bill, included) wasted in this film. At first, the premise (a man gets an anonymous letter from an old lover saying that he has a son and the man goes on a journey to visit each of the possible women in his life to discover which of them is the mother of his child) seems promising. But, there's no real resolution to the story. The different segments with each of the women that Bill's character visits just fizzle. There's no chemistry between him and any of these actresses (at least not enough to believe that any of them were once his love), with the exception of Sharon Stone and only because her character is more excepting of his character than any of the other women.

On top of it, without giving anything away for anyone who might want to make up their own mind about the movie, this one has one of those "WTF? That's the end?" kind of endings where it just sort of stops.

Granted, I saw this one for free...and I saw it on my iPod at that. If I'd liked it, as I'd hoped I would, I probably would have bought it. Again, there are great people in this. But, I would have to say if you plan to watch it, just set your TiVo or find a Torrent first before plunking down.
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